No Ordinary Box

This huge raised bed garden box looks like any ordinary box. But it’s actually a metaphor for growth. And forgiveness. And Jesus’ amazing gift of restoring broken things. For much of my life, I’ve carried scars. The outside ones and inside ones. Labels that had become hardwired into my thoughts and drove my actions. They […]

Putting IF Into Action

Putting IF Into Action

This past weekend, thousands of women around the world gathered to be equipped and unleashed to impact the world at IF:Gathering. What began in February 2014 as a call to arms became a battle cry for movement this year. I sat with a room full of old and new friends soaking in such powerful teaching […]

I Surrender All

An Attitude of Surrender

Tomorrow morning, before the first light shines on the horizon, I’ll be at the airport.  It will be the same routine I’ve done a hundred times.  Passport-check.  Luggage-check. Daughter-check.  Yet, this time, the adventure feels like something completely new.  And in that newness comes a need to surrender. For a year, I’ve felt the need […]

A Day in the Sweet Spot

Yesterday was one of those days where I left the office feeling excited, energized…tired, but in a good way.  As I was walking to the parking lot to drive home, I pondered why I was feeling so refreshed after a long day.  I realized I’d spent most of my day smack dab in my sweet […]

The Hardest Part of Leadership

Not too long ago, I decided to get radical.  I changed jobs, I’m starting a new business, and I found several ways to get my hands dirty.  All of this change excites me and energizes me.  But nothing could prepare me for what’s been the hardest part of leadership I’ve encountered thus far. And that […]

I Dare You

My posts are usually on the more serious side.  I love learning and sharing.  But every once in a while, you just have to let the silly take over.  With that in mind, here’s an “I Dare You” that will make you laugh so hard you cry.  And hopefully, you will choose at least one […]

Seeing Ourselves as Others Do

   Today, our CEO,  Michael Hyatt, blogged about an author we publish in the Fiction division (Ted Dekker and his new book, Green) .  One of the sections of the post was about the marketing done for the book.  As I read through his post, I saw this line “…and his intrepid marketing director, Jennifer Deshler“.    Though I know […]

In Support of Book Marketers

I have watched a handful of “professionals” share insights about how authors should take their marketing into their own hands, all the while slamming what is being done at the publishing house.  In this post, I hope to help authors see the work from the publishing side and calm fears that some “fresh-out-of-college, overloaded idiot” is the […]