Thanks so much for stopping by! I hope the posts on Redefining Success encourage you to dream big, put energy into making those dreams come alive, and serve as a reminder that what we do is not who we are. The idea behind calling this blog “Redefining Success” was walking through a journey of discovery that opened my eyes to the world beyond what the world deems as “success.” We are so much more than our titles, our striving, and need for approval. We are here to love others well, be adventurous in the pursuit of our calling, and live boldly in our faith.

My story:

Until late 2013, I was VP of Marketing at Harper Collins Christian Publishers, and had achieved what the world says success looks like.  But inside, I was miserable-not from the work, but from scars of my life that had never been dealt with. Through a huge leap of faith, I left a job I loved after almost 15 years and launched a new strategic consulting, marketing, branding, and product development firm, Skywrangler Strategic. We have been blessed to do work we are passionate about, for organizations, authors, and ministries who are committed to changing the world.

In the past year, I’ve been in full-time Life boot camp. Every layer of who I was has been peeled back. My identity rebuilt on who I am, as a daughter of the King. The meaning of true community forever changed as I let go of trying to earn my place in the world, and began trusting God’s truth about what He wants for us. It’s been the hardest and best time learning to walk out my faith, let go of wounds, and invest in others for the sheer joy of helping people win. But make no mistake…being someone who now lives with the freedom that God is the best promoter doesn’t mean there’s not a lot of hustle going on every day. Now, the hustle is for impact over empire.

When not at work, my name is “mama” to an amazing teenager (!).  I was made to be her mommy, and can’t remember life before her.  And in my “spare” time, I paint, bake, chase sunsets, and look for any excuse to have a new adventure. I am passionate about learning, laughing, serving, travel, and those deep friendships borne over long coffee dates or hikes in the woods.

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