Putting IF Into Action

Putting IF Into Action

Putting IF Into Action

This past weekend, thousands of women around the world gathered to be equipped and unleashed to impact the world at IF:Gathering. What began in February 2014 as a call to arms became a battle cry for movement this year. I sat with a room full of old and new friends soaking in such powerful teaching and then spent hours Sunday watching it all online again.

Having been on my own journey over the past year after taking a huge leap of faith, I went into the weekend in a vastly different place than I had in 2014; with an open heart and willing spirit to be challenged and changed. God did not disappoint.

But, all too often we experience revival and then go back to our busy lives, unsure of exactly what to do next.  So we do nothing. We think Godly thoughts. We remember the moments that energized us or moved us to tears, but we don’t activate because we let life get in the way.The devil relies on distraction to kills dreams God has planted in us. Click To Tweet

I don’t know about you, but I’m a list girl. I need an action plan to keep focus on what has to be done. I took pages of notes this weekend, but if they stay in my notebook, who’s that going to help? After pouring over the words on those pages, here’s my list:

1. Don’t wait for “the” thing. Go do “something.”-I caught myself praying that same thing we all do last night “Lord, where do you want to use me next?” and God just impressed on me in that moment to stop asking that question and keep looking at what’s right in front of me. There’s a local nonprofit I’ve been wanting to volunteer at–it may not be the reason I was put on this earth, but who cares? It would be service to others, and He put us all here for that. It’s about doing the next thing. Not trying to find the right thing. Service is the key to destiny. -@christinecaine Click To Tweet

2. Trade social media time for God time-I know I’m not alone when I confess that I can lose two hours on Facebook. And I usually feel like dirt afterwards because comparison wants to be my soul mate. Yes, I know as Christians we can and should use social media to be light in dark places. We can plants seeds, but that doesn’t mean we need to sit and watch them grow. Every time we check our notifications, it’s about Us not Him. Late last year, God gave me a hunger for reading the Word daily and I began a prayer journal. Time spent on those things will do more for our spirit than FB or Twitter ever can.

3. Speak life-There were so many powerful examples of this over the weekend. Angie’s message on being a cheerleader wrecked me. Helen’s confession about mothering like she’s in control rather than trusting God to be in control hit way too close to home. And Bob’s reminder for us to “tell people who we see them becoming,” has already changed how I interact with others. Proverbs 18:21 tells us there is life and death in the power of the tongue. We have the ability to encourage, discern, and challenge those around us every day.

4. Never again ask “Am I Enough?”- Finally, finally, I get it! (I’m a slow learner). The truth is that we aren’t enough. But He Is. If God had to rely on healthy, whole, kind, honest…perfect people to get His work done, nothing would ever happen. We are flawed.We are fallen. But through Him, we can do mighty things for the kingdom. Changing the question means we get to live a better story. If God is real, then let's go take the land. Live a different story and get crazy… Click To Tweet

 5. Be faithful in the small things-I’ve been in a pruning season for over a year (hard, but so good), and this important lesson was reconfirmed at IF. We all want to be used more, but are we being diligent in the things that build our character? Are we paying all our bills on time? Making sure we have our checkbook with us to tithe? Completing those work projects that feel more like write-offs with excellence and efficiency? I have this hanging above my desk as a reminder when life gets busy or pride comes knocking.

This post could easily go longer, but that’s not the point. There is so much wisdom in the IF livestream. If you read this and are curious, or were there but need to watch it again, make the small investment in purchasing the download…your heart and future will thank you.

As Jennie said, “Girls, we’ve got work to do!” Let’s change the world.

What about you? What would you add to this list? What did God put on your heart for this next season? 

7 thoughts on “Putting IF Into Action

  1. It’s just not fair that we’re processing the same things continents apart. I’m so thankful to have a friend that I can jump into deep conversations with, even when we haven’t chatted in a while, and know that I’m going to walk away challenged AND uplifted. Loved texting through the weekend and praying each other up. No words for my love for you… 🙂

  2. Thanks so much for linking up and sharing your story! I am so a list girl. I love that you made one. Am I enough? Three years ago that became my word for the year. It seems that even though I worked and grew tons in that area, I still fight that same old fight on a daily basis. The good news is I am farther than I was. I’m excited to see where God leads you and how you grow this year.

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