Let It Go

These three words have become my anthem.

In the months since my crazy leap of faith, God has done a number on my heart. It’s been an aching, refreshing, scary, exciting  journey to walk through things that for so many years I stayed too busy to acknowledge. In the stillness, He is there. Waiting for that moment when we invite him in to our broken places and our surrender.

In this season of forgiving, acknowledging, and changing,  “let it go” is the whisper Jesus keeps speaking to my heart:



Let go of the pain of past wounds. The burden is far too heavy to continue carrying it. Does our past define us? No. Will the devil use misperceptions, lies, and wounds to hold us back from the road we are meant to walk? Most definitely. I learned some heartbreaking news last week about lies I have been told from childhood that, months ago, would have brought me to my knees. But I am making the choice to see it for what it was and just move forward.

Let go of the need for greatness. Who’s definition of “greatness” are we striving for? For too long, I worked for the worlds’ definition. But when we  are serving others, working on projects that stir our soul and impact change for good, or loving the person right in front of us…that is greatness by God’s definition.

Let go of relationships that don’t bring joy. How many of us have “friendships” that are stuck in the past or are only superficial? When we let go of a need to be known by everyone, we can really be known by the people who will challenge us, pray for us, and champion us.

Let go of control. I quickly realized that I had been acting as pilot for most of my life. I would ask God to take over, but then I’d quickly take control back. Sound familiar? And what I learned, this girl who really hasn’t trusted anyone, is that He shows up when we let Him lead.  I’m still blown away by how well He has taken care of us.

My leap of faith, it turns out, wasn’t about work at all. It’s been about faith. And forgiveness. And freedom.  If you are like I was, aching for a deeper relationship with the Lord but unsure how to get there, I hope you’ll be encouraged that the old saying “Let Go and Let God” really works.

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10 thoughts on “Let It Go

  1. You’ve written so beautifully about a number of things I’ve been dealing with lately. Thanks for saying it so well! And, yes, “Let Go and Let God!” This is a challenging season of change – and I’m looking forward to the adventure of surrendering to God’s way and path!!

  2. Jennifer – this is brave and challenging to anyone who reads it. I appreciate that you’ve chosen to share the journey and “expose” the moments that take so many people under . . . for years. Change sucks in so many ways but you’ve laced it with beauty and poise. Letting go is such a freaking marathon, huh? Bitter sweet rituals of life that the Lord requires of us all . . . we are all so much alike and to recognize and share that is freedom and frankly, obedience. You’ve got me nodding . . . with every line.


    1. Toni,I have had some great teachers in these last few months;)
      What a veil we can live under for way too long. Thank God for mercy and clarity. We aren’t made to chase God.

  3. Hi Jennifer. I love every one of your “from the heart” articles. What a blessing you are to us. Thank you for sharing this road you are traveling with all its successes. God bless you my friend.

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