Move the Heart

“Want to have a great 2014?  Then freaking get moving.”  These were words I heard myself recounting to a friend last week over coffee.  January marks that time period when we can all become overwhelmed by the myriad webinars, videos, and blog posts about the ways to achieve all of our goals in a new year.  What I had realized was that watching, reading, and listening to all of these experts on how to make 2014 “my year” had become a distraction from the one thing that most needed to happen: movement.

As I thought about it more , it seemed that “Move” needed to be my word for the year.  It has several different meanings related to where many of us are in life right now:

1. Make a move– Since my resignation late last year from Thomas Nelson, I’ve been…uncertain. Several full-time opportunities have come along, though none that made me want to jump back in to corporate life immediately.  But the idea of going out on my own initially brought up every uncertainty that entrepreneurs go through. It’s time now to just move.  When faced with big life decisions, we can get paralyzed by trying to do “the right thing”, when I think God just wants us to move forward and trust Him with the outcomes.

2. Move in me-This time to reset has been a wonderful opportunity to connect with Jesus in a bigger way. My prayer is that He moves in me, creating lasting change.  That He moves through me.  When people interact with me, I want His light to shine through.  To make progress in living out more of 1 Cor 13:4, will be a great year, indeed.

3. Keep moving-We’re not getting any younger.  And with age, comes that desire to be still more. The goal is to learn more consistent ways to keep the body moving while also learning to be still in heart and spirit. There is much to be done and many adventures left to experience.

2014 is off to a great start. What words describe your plan of attack this year? 

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2 thoughts on “Move the Heart

  1. I love this! Such a great reminder on so many levels. The word I chose for this year is intentional. I’m awesome at quick, off-the-cuff decisions – 2014 I want to make sure each decision, whether it be what I say to my child to what I purchase is chosen with intentionality.

    Happy new year friend!! You are going to rock 2014!!

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