I Surrender All

An Attitude of Surrender

I Surrender AllTomorrow morning, before the first light shines on the horizon, I’ll be at the airport.  It will be the same routine I’ve done a hundred times.  Passport-check.  Luggage-check. Daughter-check.  Yet, this time, the adventure feels like something completely new.  And in that newness comes a need to surrender.

For a year, I’ve felt the need to step out of my comfort zone. To stop being generous just with my income, and start being generous with my time.  The check writing has always been easy.  The reworking of schedules in order to make time for service, not so much.  In order to overcome that instinct to continue just doing what’s easy, I forced myself to find opportunities to help with my hands and time.  And tomorrow begins the biggest challenge I’ve taken on so far, as we head off to Haiti for eight days to love on and lift up 200 children in an orphanage in Jeremie.

I’ve wrestled through the culture change that awaits.  The understanding that for eight days, I’ll be with people all the time.  Knowing every bite or drink taken needs to be done so with caution.  I can roll with these things because they are temporary, and part of the adventure.

The need for surrender comes in knowing that this trip will forever change us.  Not in a “I feel good because I helped someone” way.  But in knowing that walls will come down, hearts will change, and futures will be altered.  It’s scary and exciting.  I can’t wait to step off that bus and look into the eyes of these beautiful children whom God calls blessed.  Or watch as my own daughter makes memories that will last her a lifetime, and impact her path as well.   God handpicked the team we’re joining, and I feel fortunate to be going along on this adventure with a group so committed to loving Jesus and these kids in such big ways.

“Change is the essence of life. Be willing to surrender what you are for what you could become.”-author unknown

3 thoughts on “An Attitude of Surrender

  1. oh, jen, i’m so excited for you. should you encounter a little yummo named “love” tell him that i love him and pray for him all the time. also louna and richie.

    i know you are going to have a wonderful time. it is a special place, and the difference between evil and holiness will be palpable as you climb the mountain in the bus.

    have a wonderful time. i’ll be praying for you both.

  2. Very proud of you Jennifer. Praying for you.

    BTW, Make sure your daughter knows I am working on my lecture. 🙂

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