Sharing Our Stories

sharingIn the last few weeks, I’ve had several really honest conversations.  Deep, challenging discussions that made me wonder why they don’t happen more often.  One of these discussions was over lunch with two women I am still getting to know.  Both have gone through struggles, but are taking on the world in big and wonderful ways.  One asked me a question that forced me to either lie or be transparent.  I was honest.  Honest enough that a few tears were shed.  And I left that lunch feeling like a dork.  Thinking that I had over-shared and would likely be moved from the “lunch buddy” list to the “only when necessary” category.

Why do we hold our lives so tightly?  We are the sum of our stories…and the culmination of His story, in us.  Far too many people are tiptoeing through life, trying to avoid the cracks and just play it safe.  But hidden inside are fears. and wounds. and scars.

Today, rather than list “five reasons it’s good to share” or “four tactics for how to tell your story”, I’d rather just challenge each of us to open up this week.  You never know what connection or freedom someone else may have in hearing your story.  We all have messes, but moving through them can become our message.

To every person who has been hurt, mistreated, forgotten, or forsaken, how wonderful to know that we have a love in Jesus that isn’t based on how good we have been, or how much work we have done.  There is nothing we could ever do to earn it…and that means we can never lose it.  That one thought alone makes every pain limited in its’ power over us.

What has the power of story (yours or someone else’s) done for you?

9 thoughts on “Sharing Our Stories

  1. the power of someone’s story… allows me to love them better. and more.
    when you know someone’s story, you have all these things you find to love in them… their courage, their longsuffering, their compassion, their triumph, their victory… because if they are still hear and still sharing or seeking, then they are victorious.

    as for my story, when i reflect on it, it humbles me and reminds me how NOTHING i am without Christ, and how EVERYTHING i am with him… that’s when i reflect on it.

  2. Truth. There is so much truth in this post. God has brought us all through so much. It wouldn’t be right to keep hidden what He is doing through us. I’m glad God is a proponent of story sharing…He shared the most powerful story of all! Thanks for your words.

  3. How selfish for me to go through what I’ve gone through and not share my experience. I have a story worth telling and the courage to share it, I would suggest that you do too.

    I’ve noticed how much weight has shifted in my story tellin’ from before December to after December 2011. The death of my so-called life ended and scratch-starting began in every account.

    I am so thankful for what I’ve been through and it will NOT go in vain. (that’s where the sharing part comes in).

  4. Dear Jennifer!

    The sharing of a story has brought me closer to the person, has allowed something to happen between us. I created a space of vulnerability and thus made us open to develop something together and to see each other!

    Thank you for your story!

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