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Helping “the least of these”

“And the King will answer and say to them, ‘Assuredly, I say to you, inasmuch as you did it to one of the least of these My brethren, you did it to Me.”

Matt 25:40

Every morning for the past few weeks, as I’ve gotten in the shower, it comes to mind how easy it is to access water.  A turn of one dial sends clean, cool water gushing out.  In the evenings, I walk into a warm, clean, spacious home where I can open one door and find a feast of things to cook for dinner. I can visit any kind of doctor with little concern about cost because of insurance.  And I can hop in my car and drive anywhere on a whim.  What it all means is that Life has become easy, and it’s in the ease of life that I find my struggle lately.

Each day, I drive past a lottery billboard…the numbers make my heart ache. Those millions could end homelessness.  Eradicate disease. Make poverty a thing of the past.  It seems so easy.  But easy isn’t usually where the lesson comes from, is it?

Even with the sponsored children, time and donations to the mission, and Christmas gifts of goats and new wells, my investment seems small.  I know that joined together, we can do much.  Community is so important in relationships…in work settings…in helping the least of these.

What charity/relief organizations are you plugged into that I (and others) might not be aware of?  And how can we help?

Take Action


Several friends have been blogging and sharing online their one word for 2011. The task, for me, was a bit daunting.  One word that would be a theme for my year?  Hard to reduce to one thing.  Over the last two days, I’ve prayed, dreamed, and jotted down ideas.  I thought I’d landed on it yesterday, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized there was a required action behind it.

My word for 2011 is: Commit.

As I’ve gotten older, as my career roles have changed, as I’ve started a family, I’ve realized that what was once the cornerstone of my “get things done” personal brand has evolved to being a great starter, but not always a strong finisher.  And, in some areas of my life, it’s not only beneficial, but necessary. But there are a few areas where I see it as a detriment to real growth, so in these areas, I am making a commitment to action over the next year:

1. I commit to knowing God more.  To trust daily in grace, forgiveness, and faith. To grow my prayer life into a deeper, more personal relationship with Jesus. To begin and end each day with true worship.

2. I commit to being more intentional about my personal life.  Time that should have been spent on the treadmill was spent in front of the computer. Conversations that should have been had in-person were done by email. Life that should have been lived was put on hold because I didn’t want my child raised by an absent parent. I want to be healthier and more engaged this year. I want to make-and keep-better connections with friends, new and old.

3. I commit to having more adventures. In my childhood and young adult years, I actively pursued new adventures (which put many gray hairs on my parents). With age and responsibilities came a fear of jumping into the unknown. I want to live with passion and purpose…not live safe just to pay my mortgage.

4. I commit to spending more time on my art. This covers not only painting, but also photography, crafts, and blogging.  I’ve been inconsistent with them all, even though they bring me joy.  Time to put more priority on the color of life, rather than just that which is black and white.

I love having an anthem for this year.  I love being accountable to God and my life in a big way.  I am committed.

What about you?  What’s your One Word for 2011?

Take Action