A Birthday Wish List

Ever have those periods in life when you feel as though you’re just existing?  Things are getting done. Life is good. But your sense of adventure-that fire inside that spurs you to do big things-has been on sabbatical just a little too long? Me, too.  And one thing I’ve learned when those times hit is that I can’t begin to live there…I have to set my sights on what’s ahead.  And since today is my birthday, it’s the perfect time to look ahead and write out my “wish list”…actually more of a “bucket list” for the next 365 days. In this next year, I want to:

  • Begin each day with a smile.  Life is too short to let the little things, like a morning routine, set a bad tone for the day.
  • See the best in others, even when it’s hard.
  • Be a leader others remember later on in their careers for having inspired them.
  • Write at least one thank you note each day. There’s much to be grateful for, and handwritten notes do it beautifully.
  • Forgive easily and forget often.
  • Allow Jesus to be the pilot–a daily, conscious effort.
  • Dig deeper with friends, and cast off life-suckers.
  • Take a dream from “some day” to “this year”.
  • Remain sticky through the peaks and valleys.
  • Actively seek our more opportunities to invest in others-through time and resources.
  • Use Every day of my vacation time!  I love my work, but I love my life more.
  • Be a 3-c parent as my kiddo hits the preteen years: connected, compassionate, and consistent.

Whoa, nelly.  Looks like a big year ahead.  If you were making this list, what would you add?

9 thoughts on “A Birthday Wish List

  1. My annual to do list always includes “Anticipate good things more frequently” because my life tends to go by in a complete blur, nose to the grindstone, only coming up for air during vacation time. I tend to not be very intentional about my life and time, so nothing stands out as special or important or savor-able. I love the savoring/anticipating side of myself, but I have to be less busy to be in that zone. Part of that is better-managing the To Do List in my head, and part of it is taking a hard look at the external factors in my life. I’m planning to make better decisions about how I spend my time and what I spend it on. Not really to “maximize” my time from a productivity perspective, but rather to figure out what is making me happy and what is worthwhile and what creates a psychological drain and is bad for me. It’s that whole “how do I feel right after I do this?” perspective that I’m looking for. I also want to spend more time journaling, just so I have a place to sort out my thoughts and emotions. Not an every day kind of thing, but a once in a while sit for hours and get it all out there before you explode kind of thing. I did some of this in 2010 and it was really helpful. I’m also looking to build in some more adventure in 2011 — take a road trip with no destination and see what happens.

    Enjoy your year. It’s kind of fun to have a birthday at the end of the year (like you do) so that you can have two reasons to ponder the next 365 days!

  2. Great list, Jennifer. I’ve been thinking about being more engaged with people in my community. Since I work at home, it’s hard to connect with the outside world some times. I want to fix that.

    I want to connect more with the divine nature of God rather than my weak, human nature. 2 Peter 1 tells me I can, so why not try.

    Be more Christ-like. A never ending goal.

    Work up a business plan. See if I can’t be more pro active with my career.

    If I do 2 of these well, be satisfied!

    Thanks for the inspiration. You inspire me!


  3. great list, jen. the ones that were most challenging to me were —- see the best in others even when it’s hard (i can be SO very quick to judge) and forgive easily (mostly toward myself…).

    i LOVE “take a dream from ‘someday’ to ‘this year'”… wow. i would love a year filled with somedays!

    my one addition to the list would be to make God the first and last person i talk to everyday. i suck at putting Him first in that way…

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