A Day in the Sweet Spot

Yesterday was one of those days where I left the office feeling excited, energized…tired, but in a good way.  As I was walking to the parking lot to drive home, I pondered why I was feeling so refreshed after a long day.  I realized I’d spent most of my day smack dab in my sweet spot.  A few years ago, I read Max Lucado’s Cure for the Common Life.  The message of that book was about finding the things that make us unique-things only we can do that further God’s plan.  It stuck with me and I began paying more attention to the parts of my work and personal life that make me feel made for something unique in His plan.

It’s in those days when I know I’ve been right there in that inner circle of what I was made to do…where I serve others well…that I know true contentment.  All is well with the world.  My soul is at peace.  And it makes me wonder why I don’t fight like mad to make sure I’m there more often.

How do we make sure we’re spending time focused on the right things?  I made a list of some things I think help me:

1. Understand what really fills us-God gives us passions for a reason.  And when we’re clear on what our individual gifts are, and using them to His glory, there’s no better feeling in the world.

2. Learn to say “no”-This is harder for some than others, but in order to make space for what we do best, we have to be willing to pass on some things.  No matter our title, there are certain tasks each of us has to get done, but the only person who will ensure we’re finding time for “sweet spot work” is ourselves.

3. Stretch our comfort zones-Sometimes, it’s not until we tackle a new challenge that we learn a part of it fulfills us.  In order to grow, we must stay challenged and not allow ourselves to get too comfortable.

4. Help others around us live in their sweet spots, too-Imagine a team of people working together where each found time to live in their unique sweet spots.  Yes, there’d be some amount of ‘”grunt work” for each that still has to get done, but there’d be a spirit of passion and unity that’d be unstoppable.  We can be aware of the talents of others and encourage them to make time to fit in those sweet spot moments in their own lives.

How do you make time for your sweet spot?

8 thoughts on “A Day in the Sweet Spot

  1. Great list Jen. My “sweet spot” is when I’m doing what I love, am passionate about. Writing or worship. I endure longer, embrace the grunt work, feel energized by the honor to do what I love.


    1. Karen,

      Hard to keep plates spinning, isn’t it? But I’ve found that even when I can fit in some of these activities that feed me, my ability to keep everything else working well increases. You do a great job of making it look easy!

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