Two Words That Can Change History Pt. 1

Imagine the Possibilities

“What” and “If” are two little words that, on their own, keep sentences moving.  But put them together…and suddenly the world is ripe with possibility.  Radical possibilities that could change us completely, and alter the course of history.  The idea is so big that I can’t even put all my thoughts in one post.  I’ve been stewing on it all weekend…dreaming about it at night…contemplating while driving home from work.  I tend to believe when that much thought occurs about something, it’s for a reason.

We all have our own ideas and dreams, but I’ll share the “what if’s” that have been stirring my heart these past few days:

  • What if every child in the world never had to wonder if they are loved?
  • What if we lived each day thinking about the legacy we’ll leave behind?
  • What if we continued city-wide weekly volunteer days, even after a catastrophe has passed?
  • What if we always gave each other the benefit of the doubt?
  • What if you began to realize a life-long dream, no matter the cost?
  • What if we thought more of wealthy people who use $100k to buy clean water for poor countries, rather than buying a new Bentley?
  • What if you truly believed it’s easier to forgive than hang on to anger?
  • What if our government was once again something worth believing in, instead of a constant source of discord?
  • What if each person chose a day when they’d love openly and unconditionally? Imagine the ripple-effect.
  • What if your “Bucket List” became “Business as Usual?”

Can you feel it?  Is your heart beating faster?  Is your mind running wild with ideas of what these things would look like?   What has to happen to move these from “what if” to “happening now?”

5 thoughts on “Two Words That Can Change History Pt. 1

  1. The “what if” I’m wrestling with isn’t a positive one, I’m afraid. Mine’s “What if I had managed our money better and didn’t let us get this far into debt?”

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