The Heart of a Community

Photo credit-The Tennessean

Images like this have made me cry this week.  By now, you know all about the great 500-year flood we had in Nashville over the weekend.  The damage is heartbreaking.  The stories of lost friends and family members, ruined homes, and flooded cars is gutwrenching.  We have a long road ahead of us to get Nashville and many parts of Tennessee back to what it was.

But beyond the loss, was something amazing.  A community rose up immediately.  Folks were putting boats in the water and risking their lives to help those stranded.  Local media teams were taking chances in volatile weather to keep us informed. Within a 24-hour period, over 7,000 people had signed up as a volunteer at Hands on Nashville.  And even still, there are teams of people who will spend at minimum, the rest of this week helping folks get back into their homes, but more likely, weeks and months.

Many tears have been shed and hearts ache as we watch those we love struggle with what will be a long road back to “normal”.    I can’t help but wonder what the silver lining is in all of this.  One thing is for sure…residents of Nashville and surrounding counties will never again wonder if we are a real community.  Lifelong friendships have been borne and faith has grown out of the muddy waters of this flood.
I am so proud of this city and thankful to be Nashvillian.

If you’d like to donate funds, here are two (of the many) reputable sites: Hands on Nashville and CrossPoint Church.

12 thoughts on “The Heart of a Community

  1. Oh dear Nashville. I can’t believe it. All that water. If ever a city could pull together it’s Nashville. What a great, loving community. Even in the midst of tragedy.

    It’s in times like this when we know our strength and faith.

    Grace and peace,

  2. Being in the midst of devastation is so hard. But there is something to be said about how much depth of right relationship, growth, community, and sweet mercy is known in those times. Bittersweet to be reminded of a great savior.

    Praying for you.

  3. I spent over 20 years in broadcasting and have seen many, many disasters and I’ve never seen a response like I’ve seen around here in the last few days. We knew when we moved to Nashville that we were going to be here for the rest of our lives…seeing these people just confirms it for us.

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