Is the lesson in the waiting?

Pete Wilson, one of our pastors at the Nashville campus of  CrossPoint Church has been doing a series on Shattered Dreams.  Today, the lesson was on “Waiting on God”.  There were so many good nuggets in the message that it was almost hard to keep up with my notetaking.  I kept thinking about things going […]

It’s Time to be Radical

Some people hate change.  They get nervous about rearranged furniture or unplanned travel.  Not me.   I need new seasons in life–new responsibilities, and challenges.   For about two months, I’ve been feeling the need to “shake things up”, but just couldn’t figure out where the “itch” was.  I realized it wasn’t just one area of life–it’s […]

The challenge with being consistent

In most areas of life, I’m pretty steady.  I’m dependable.  And I like knowing people count on me to keep things moving. But I have a weakness when it comes to this blog.   At least twice each week, I think up a good idea for a blog post.  Looking at my dashboard, I have […]