Memories That Linger

I was reading Twitter updates one evening earlier this week and came across an author’s book trailer.  Part of the story looked at the past–circumstances that could have led to a life of self-destruction, but hasn’t (I haven’t gotten to read their book yet, so I’m leaving details on the author/title for a later post to maintain accuracy).  Hearing […]

Haiti and Retailers-Ideas from a Consumer

I spent several hours on Saturday purchasing items for Haiti victims.  And while I know that U.S. pharmaceutical companies have given $25mil, and stores like WalMart, Home Depot, and Target have made cash donations ($600k, $1mil, and $500k respectively), I  am surprised at the lack of “big picture” thinking on the part of many national retailers in […]

Taking a Leap of Faith

  Anne Jackson, radical thinker extraordinaire, wrote an honest, powerful post yesterday on her upcoming trip to Haiti.  She said people had emailed her to say they were jealous that she’s going.  While I’m not jealous, because I know that what she’ll see and feel when she’s there will be gutwrenching, I am  a bit sad. […]

Knowing When to Hit “Pause”

The two-week break over Christmas gave me some wonderful time to think about my life-plan, bond with my family and friends, and look ahead to what I want to do better in 2010.   And even as I walked back into the office on Monday, I noticed how much more laid back, happy, and inspired people […]