Random Acts of Bragging

Proud Peacock
These days, life seems like a rat race most of the time. At work, we want to be seen as the best at what we do. Competition shows up in meetings, in discussions with our peers, and whenever someone else is applauded for a job well done. When we hit the soccer field, basketball court, or dance studio with our kids, we feel a need to push them a bit to be sure they understand we expect them to perform at their best (and win). Even at church, there’s always someone willing to take on one more task to further “The Lord’s Work”, but they make sure everyone knows about it.

What seems to be getting lost in this need to win is an active desire to see others succeed and to lift them up. Why does it feel like bragging on someone else means we’re less wonderful?

To make this post count for more than just unleashing the thoughts in my head, I’m going to do some Random Bragging. And for anyone silly enough to even ponder the thought that my listing any person below is meant as a “suckup”, please close this website now and never return.

  1. To the unsung “behind the scenes” folks who make our lives easier by keeping bathrooms clean, store shelves stocked, and stop lights bright.
  2. To the men and women who live out two stories as they protect our freedom and raise families.
  3. To exceptional leaders like Allen Arnold, Mark Schoenwald, and Michael Hyatt who use their strengths to carry forth a mission and breed excellence in their teams.
  4. To mentors like Jerry Park and Tami Heim who can see diamonds in the rough and are willing to polish and cut for as long as it takes.
  5. To @ksbond and Ashley Schneider, who give me grace when I move too fast, throw curve balls, and manuever as we go.  These times will benefit others in the years to come as I learn to be a great leader.
  6. To friends like @kristij911, Lisa Young, @chrispauldesign, @dee_wilcox, and @lindseynobles who through no extra effort cultivate the best in people.
  7. To authors like @colleencoble who turn a working relationship into  something better, which makes the work so much more rewarding and feels like family.
  8. No list would be complete without noting how different and wonderful life is when the Lord leads it.  But that’s another post.

To each of you, I say Thank You.  My life is better for knowing you.

Who will you brag on today? It’s a win-win situation.

13 thoughts on “Random Acts of Bragging

  1. Baby, I feel honored to be included on this list of those that mean something special to you. Most of them are on this list because we see something special in you. You’re worth polishing.

  2. Great post, Jennifer! Here’s my list. No exhaustive, of course.

    1. My hubby who reminds me to “run” toward Jesus and my destiny. Gives me wind in my sails.

    2. My writing buddy @susanmaywarren for such a great back and forth writing relationship and friendship.

    3. Ami McConnell. She is living proof of what belief in someone, and offering encouragement, can do to our hearts and minds, and careers. She’s a big ole diamond in my heart.

    4. My mom for encouraging me. My sister for letting me be a sudo parent with her kids. For all my siblings, and my dad who watches with the cloud of witnesses, for encouraging me. My dad launched this writing journey when I was 10. 🙂

    5. My friend Stuart Greaves for speaking the Word of the Lord continually to me, and for living what he preaches.

    6. Jesus, who’s amazing love has literally changed me – body, soul and mind. “He loves us, oh, how He loves us. . .”

  3. I’d liike to brag on my fab crit partner Lisa Richardson. You probably don’t know who she is yet, but you will one day. Look for some fabulous historical fiction from this gal. But what makes her so braggable is her gentle spirit, her desire to uplift, and her mad creative skills. And she’s about the best friend anyone could hope to have. HOO-RAH Lisa!

    Jennifer, I’m a new subscirber to your blog, too. May I just say, it rocks!


    1. Hi Jennifer,

      I can’t wait to hear more about Lisa (Nelson Fiction has some amazing Historical Fiction writers and we know how to really grow that brand) in the months to come. Thanks for using this space to lift her up.

      I look forward to getting to know you more-thanks for stopping by and for the kudos on design.

  4. Thanks to YOU for all you do to lift up your team! We follow your lead in being excited about the work of our division. Thanks for keeping us energized and never satisfied with status quo, always looking for the next big thing in fiction and marketing!

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