The Power of a Great Meeting and Open Doors

Yesterday, I sat in a meeting that changed my outlook on several things at work.  I learned about changes in how we’ll communicate with each other, how we’ll be more accountable to each other, and how we’re going to work together better as we reach for the Same Goals.  It was empowering.   And I needed it.  

An open door...
An open door...

In this same meeting, I learned more about the two doors.

Last Friday, I had noticed something different about these two doors.  They were pushed completely open.  We’re so used to seeing them closed that I thought maybe the a/c had leaked or something had burned in the microwave and the space had to be aired out.  Those doors always being closed represented exclusivity, power…an ivory tower one dared not enter unless really necessary.   

Yesterday, I learned that the light bulb had come on and these doors would be open all the time.   That simple act told everyone outside that they are important and worth the risk of distraction.  And sending that message gains a huge amount of respect from ones followers.  The biggest win will be for those inside because others will see them in a new light.  Approachable.  Looking for connection.

I am excited about the days ahead.  There is a renewed vision.  A new sense of teamwork.  My attitude has shifted.  And all it took was one great meeting and two open doors…

What actions have you seen at work recently that give you a glimpse of great leadership?

4 thoughts on “The Power of a Great Meeting and Open Doors

  1. Jennifer, that’s a great philosophy to have, not only as a company but as an individual. I think of the people in my life who have open doors and I’m so thankful they do.

  2. Jennifer,
    I worked for an orthopedics company that was started in a garage and grew into a 2 billion dollar business. The CEO who started the company always had an open door. He was a millionaire, had a PHD, but would eat lunch in the manufacturing breakroom. The employees loved him, and I think the company was so successful because everyone there could and would walk in his door and tell him about their next great idea. And he would encourage them to implement it.

    I’m glad you have the opportunity to work in such an environment!

  3. I had the chance to have dinner with Gail and Mike Hyatt at Christian Book Expo and was so impressed with Mike’s vision and accessibility. And after spending a bit more time with Gail, I saw who gave him wings. 🙂 They both BELIEVE the best of people. That really frees us up to soar.

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