Therapy of Choice?

After a long day, most people pick a poison in an effort to unwind from kids or work.  For some, it’s sitting down with a glass of wine, or hitting the treadmill.  For others, it’s getting lost in front of the tv, or sneaking off to the laundry room with a dozen Oreos.  In my world…it’s baking.

After a day full of meetings, 237 emails, and ten phone calls, there’s nothing like concocting a new recipe during the 20-minute drive to school for pickup.   On the way home, I share the newly dreamed up recipe with my child and now have a willing and excited assistant.  We rush inside, unpack the remains of the day, eat a quick dinner, and get down to business.

Baker's Therapy
Baker's Therapy

For me, the whir of a Kitchenaid stand mixer is as relaxing as the crackle of a warm fire.  The golden color of Canola oil mirrors a fine Chablis.  And the taste of dark imported chocolate…well, words escape me.

In the end, my family, friends, and coworkers benefit most from my stress.  It’s a win-win for all.

What’s your therapy of choice?

4 thoughts on “Therapy of Choice?

  1. My therapy of choice is currently reruns of Frasier on DVD! LOL.

    I love sports, too. Or sitting at the keyboard and worshipping. Or goofing around on Facebook. Or a good book.

    Hmm. . . I think I need therapy for my therapy. 🙂

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