No Ordinary Box

This huge raised bed garden box looks like any ordinary box. But it’s actually a metaphor for growth. And forgiveness. And Jesus’ amazing gift of restoring broken things. For much of my life, I’ve carried scars. The outside ones and inside ones. Labels that had become hardwired into my thoughts and drove my actions. They […]

Putting IF Into Action

Putting IF Into Action

This past weekend, thousands of women around the world gathered to be equipped and unleashed to impact the world at IF:Gathering. What began in February 2014 as a call to arms became a battle cry for movement this year. I sat with a room full of old and new friends soaking in such powerful teaching […]


The First of Many Lasts

As I was driving to work this morning, it dawned on me that this week, I am experiencing the first of many lasts. My last Monday sitting at this desk in my office.  The last weekly phone call with my authors. The last time I’ll sit in meetings in this building to help cast a […]

I Surrender All

An Attitude of Surrender

Tomorrow morning, before the first light shines on the horizon, I’ll be at the airport.  It will be the same routine I’ve done a hundred times.  Passport-check.  Luggage-check. Daughter-check.  Yet, this time, the adventure feels like something completely new.  And in that newness comes a need to surrender. For a year, I’ve felt the need […]


Sharing Our Stories

In the last few weeks, I’ve had several really honest conversations.  Deep, challenging discussions that made me wonder why they don’t happen more often.  One of these discussions was over lunch with two women I am still getting to know.  Both have gone through struggles, but are taking on the world in big and wonderful […]